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VAT Registration

Are you planning to do business in Hungary without establishing a Hungarian company or any other business presence? Direct trading through a foreign entity in Hungary is possible, but you may be obliged to VAT registration in Hungary (in Hungarian: “ÁFA”). The Hungarian rules on the VAT registration obligation follow the EU VAT legislation.

VAT registration as of EUR 299,00 within 48 hours

VAT registration is a routine administrative process, especially if your company is resident in another EU Member State.

When incorporating a Hungarian company, it will receive a general tax identification number. This number is also valid for VAT purposes. Therefore, a separate VAT registration is not required.

FirmaX administrative and tax expert team helps to process the VAT registration of your company in Hungary.

Our VAT registration services include:

  • identifying whether VAT registration is required
  • preparation of the VAT registration form
  • arranging for the signing of the required VAT registration forms
  • submitting the VAT registration request
  • coordinating the VAT registration with the tax authority
  • providing tax consultancy regarding VAT registration

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